What We Do

The iKizmet Dashboard

Our systems provide a personalized dashboard that assembles and compiles a monthly view of how well your business is doing. Our platform automates reporting and eliminates the headache of generating, gathering reports so you can make better decisions about your business. With iKizmet you’ll know, how much a customer is worth when people are likely to cancel, which promotions perform the best and what is your most profitable campaigns.


How our charts are different than MINDBODY reports.

 Goal Setting and Notifications
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What Our Customers Have To Say

iKizmet is a fraction of the cost we are paying someone to gather this data, and we don’t have to wait.

Caroline Weiner

Barre 3

iKizmet owner, Andres Moran’s passion for iKizmet is so evident and as well how he authentically cares about us each succeeding as studio owners.

Karen Wyder

Owner, The Daily Method Vancouver

iKizmet is the heart and soul of our sales process from intro offer to conversion. As a studio in a small suburban area trying to gain foot traffic intro offers are the core of new clients. The iKizmet data allows us to easily call and convert these clients to members seamlessly. One of many things we get from it but as the owner, my favorite part!

Stephanie Moran

Owner , Smiling Dog Yoga

iKizmet has been a HUGE help to our business simply because it has saved us SO much time. The reports that are generated are so simple, and allow us to see real-time, accurate data quickly. I also love the graphs and charts that iKizmet has as it provides a quick snapshot of the trends of our business.


Co-owner, Atherial Fitness