iKizmet Integrates With zingfit to Bring Data-Driven Insights to…

iKizmet Integrates With zingfit to Bring Data-Driven Insights to Fitness Class Scheduling

SaaS company iKizmet delivers intuitive analytics reporting that enables fitness businesses to optimize class schedules for profitability.

iKizmet, a SaaS startup disrupting fitness studio analytics, today announced its integration with zingfit, a fast-growing studio management software for boutique fitness brands. iKizmet offers an intuitive visual reporting system that shows zingfit customers their historical trend line, sorting month-over-month profitability by purchase type and customer engagement.

Since the iKizmet integration with zingfit, a number of boutique fitness studios have adopted historical trending to gain insight into which classes, packages, promos, fees, and customers are driving the most revenue. With this intelligence, business owners get a clear picture of which revenue streams are performing best so they can adjust class schedules and offers to align with customer behaviors and trends.

In a short amount of time, iKizmet has become a dominant player in the boutique fitness studio space and plans to build a prominent worldwide user base through ongoing integrations. iKizmet was founded by Andres Moran, former founding member and business development director at MINDBODY. After more than a decade in business development, Moran was inspired to bring innovative metrics to business owners in the fitness space with visual, user-centric design. iKizmet’s technology enables businesses to see the full picture of their performance from a single dashboard. “iKizmet allows business owners to quickly look at the most important metrics and see valuable trends, rather than having to sort through hundreds of metrics to get to a conclusion. Ultimately, our goal is to help business owners simplify operations so they can focus on what matters most to their business,” said Moran.

iKizmet’s ability to track profit per class attendee and month-over-month engagement adds a tremendous amount of value to customers already using zingfit’s streamlined class scheduling system. With iKizmet, zingfit customers can see what percentage of their revenue is coming from each class and person attending class. Business owners can use this intelligence to design highly-profitable class schedules and studio offerings.

The iKizmet team has been working to integrate with business management software providers like zingfit to bring game-changing analytics to even more fitness businesses. “I created iKizmet to equip studio owners with the capabilities to implement the right technology and leverage the right metrics to best serve their clients. Fitness business owners don’t need more technology products to buy; they need clear metrics that show them how to leverage existing resources to run more effectively and profitably,” said Moran.

About iKizmet
iKizmet is an analytics software enabling fitness and wellness businesses to track towards their goals with a comprehensive and customizable view of their day-to-day operations. Founded in 2014 by former MINDBODY founding member Andres Moran, iKizmet modernizes data reporting by providing a highly-intuitive and visual reporting solution for fitness business owners. Learn more at ikizmet.com.

About zingfit
zingfit is an online scheduling and business management software powering the world’s best boutique fitness studio brands. zingfit’s comprehensive studio management system seamlessly integrates class scheduling, payroll, customer forms and waivers, staff management, marketing, and e-retail functions within a branded digital customer experience. Learn more at zingfit.com.