Membership Reporting

When judging the health of your membership based fitness business, one of the most important metrics to keep a pulse on is, “Net Members.” We take a daily snapshot of your Membership activity so you can track your membership daily if you like. You can see a breakdown of how each of your membership pricing options are performing.   And get a quick list of those members who have not come in to your business.  iKizmet is the headlights for managing and growing your membership base. 



Class Utilization & Revenue

Updating your class schedule, changing teachers, changing class times, or adding new classes is a requirement for any studio trying to keep it’s students or members engaged. Knowing how these updates affect class attendance is even more important because it has a direct impact on your businesses revenue. Address scheduling and teacher issues before they become giant problems easily with iKizmet.


Lead & Intro Conversion

With iKizmet we can quickly identify the strength of your new customer pipeline. Our tools allow you to understand where you should spend time; do you need more advertising or is it a post sales process that’s preventing you from breaking new revenue milestones.  Not only can we show you how effective you are at converting new customer we can show you exactly who are the customers you should be following up with before your competitor does.