With iKimzet’s newest chart, Lead Conversion Rate, you can easily reach out to those Opportunities that showed interest but never made it to a first visit.  Gone are the days of generating and tagging multiple MINDBODY reports to learn who may have fallen off?

This chart will easily show you how many profiles have been created in MINDBODY. Whether that was online or in studio. Then we will show you who has made a visit and more importantly, who has not come in to your business as of yet. When someone creates a profile online but doesn’t purchase or come in for a visit, those lost opportunities are captured in this chart. Any new profile is captured and you can view the raw data to see if they have made a purchase so you can expect them to come in soon.
If you are using a Mindbody partner for your online forms that automatically create profiles; this information will clearly highlight the clients who may need direction on what steps to take first, if left off on profile creation.  Look at the Raw Data and you can see exactly who needs to be contacted.
This new chart can be found under the Marketing tab.  Contact support if you have any questions on the newest iKizmet chart.
If you are not a current cumstomer, get on our demo schedule to see how iKizmet can help your business know your numbers.