iKizmet now gives you the ability to input and track your expenses within your dashboard.  You can see sales along with your fiscal outlay.  By comparing your revenue and expenses in the dashboard, you will be able to see your Net Income for any day, week, month, quarter or year.

Net Income = Revenue – Expenses

Net income allows you to determine if your business is truly viable.  Breaking even is not the end goal of most businesses.  For your business to achieve financial success, you must be profitable.   One measure of profitability is Net Income.  By seeing your net income in your dashboard, you can easily see which day (or week/month/quarter/year) you were positive or negative in the net income.

For the current (or future months) input your average monthly expenses and iKizmet will adjust the number based on the time frame you are looking at.  If you want to see your historical net income, you can go back as far as you have access and input your actual expenses to gain even further insights.

Now that we can help you track your expenses you will have greater insight to the health of your business.   If you are interested in using this feature, email us at the following address – Support@iKizmet.com.