iKizmet has many charts to look at routinely for all your business needs. Today we are going to take one chart and break it down and explain why it’s an important metric to track. 


Number of Intros Sold Chart: (found in your marketing tab)

This chart quantifies on a weekly or monthly quarterly date range, on how many intro offers you sold. With this chart, you can compare dates and get an instant view of what you did last year and how you compare this year. Which is great for goal setting, and identifying trends. 


Let’s talk about raw data! As you are aware raw data gives you the details behind your results.

  • Most popular intro offer: See what intro offer sells the most.
  • Intro offer revenue: How much money did you generate from intro offer sales?
  • Client contact information (Phone and Email)
  • Sessions used: How many sessions have they used from their intro offer?
  • Number of sales made by the intro buyer: Who is buying other services, and/or products.
  • Client revenue so far: Which new student is going to make you the most money? 
  • Learn who to follow up and why:
  • Someone has a low session count or hasn’t yet made a visit: May not see value in your services, and may need a personal check-in. 
  • Higher visit count: This will give you an idea of who is most likely to commit. 


Now pull up your list today and see who you can reach out to!