Behind the Numbers is our ongoing look into successful businesses. We interview studio owners, and the people behind the success to find out how they use data to make better decisions. Here is our fifth edition with studio owners Reba and Bre of Atherial Fitness. 

1. Tell me about yourself, and how you got exposed to the wellness industry and become a business owner?
We first met teaching barre and yoga at a small boutique studio in Denver.  Right away, we connected, and found that we both shared the same life dream: to open a fitness studio unlike anything else we had seen before.   We quickly discovered that we were almost the ying to each other’s yang, and that together, we could make our dream a reality. After deciding to take the leap, it was time to search for what would make us so different than any other studio in town.  We researched for endless hours, and finally came to the decision that Aerial was our jam and the best way to, no pun intended, elevate our yoga and barre practices.  We found Harmony, the beautiful goddess and creator of Volo Aerial Yoga and Barre, and started our journey. “We are excited to offer our fusion of classes to all fitness levels. Our studio is safe, fun and the workouts will make you feel empowered.”
2. What’s your favorite part of owning a studio?
The freedom to develop unique programs that are rooted in the things we love and align with organizations we want to give back to.  Ie- Puppy yoga classes (yogadoptables), Volo Aerial Adapt (adaptive aerial yoga for paraplegics) etc. 
3. What is your biggest challenge as a studio owner?
Balancing big budget dreams with small budget pockets 🙂
4. As a franchise owner, are you responsible for your own marketing and social media efforts? What is the most successful marketing channel that you use?
We are a grass roots studio, so no franchise.  We like to use Facebook and Instagram to get the word out, as they seem to have the most bang for the buck! 
5. What business numbers & metrics have you found beneficial to gaining insight into your business? 
The reports tab is great because it provides a quick snapshot of where revenue is coming from.  Also a big fan of the revenue (shopping cart) tab.  I love that you can look at raw data here. Types of customers is great too, bc it helps to narrow down our target audience. 
6. What advice would you give to a new wellness studio owner (in a different city of course )
Don’t let yourself get down if you’re not a millionaire in the first few months. And, understand that you’re not going to be everyone’s workout “style.” Focus on your strengths and embrace and learn from your flaws and mistakes.
7.) What specific data and strategies do you use to gain new members? What about for retaining existing members?
Word of mouth has been huge for us. Additionally, Facebook campaigns that showcase our new member specials have been incredibly helpful.  We’ve only been open for 6 months so we’re still trying to figure out what works best for us! 
8.) How has iKizmet helped your business? 
9. iKizmet has been a HUGE help to our business simply because it has saved us SO much time. The reports that are generated are so simple, and allow us to see real time, accurate data quickly. I also love the graphs and charts that iKizmet has as it provides a quick snapshot of the trends of our business.
Thank you ladies for your awesome insights! To learn more about Atherial Fitness check out their website! 

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