What We Do


The iKizmet Dashboard

iKizmet provides a visual business intelligence system designed specifically for Fitness and wellness businesses. Our platform automates reporting and eliminates the headache of generating, gathering, and assembling reports so you can make better decisions about your business. We help you discover opportunities faster and detect issues before they become problems by connecting directly to your POS, Scheduling, Social Media and Web systems and bringing them into one place. iKizmet will assemble all this data into a “Total Visual Experience” with insightful graphs and smart metrics that are updated nightly. Simple yet powerful is our motto. With iKizmet you will see your business in a whole new light.



Learning more about iKizmet Analytics:

At iKizmet we want to empower small fitness businesses with simple, proven metrics to help them grow.  Our systems provide a personalized dashboard that assembles and compiles a monthly view of how well your business is doing. We understand that gathering reports and revenue figures into one master view can be overwhelming and time consuming, so let us do the heavy lifting.  Your dashboard will only show and track the metrics that matter in keeping your business healthy and customers happy with our custom reporting so you can create the charts that are important to you.


Learning more about iKizmet Social:

“We don’t have a choice if we do social media, the question is how well we do it” – Erik Qualman  author: Socialnomics.

Unfortunately the hard part of that quote is understanding if we are doing it correctly and the impact it will have on your business.  Our social analytics will help you understand how your social media properties are affecting the adoption and retention of new and existing clients.  Allow our social analytics to connect with your business data and tell you the impact so you can make choices to do more or less.


Learning more about iKizmet Web:

The experience you give to your existing clients and potential prospects starts before they ever walk in the door. Providing visitors with a web experience is part of the total customer experience and how you deliver this sets the tone of your relationship.  This experience continues when they arrive but does not end when they leave. What is the web? The web is your store front. More consumers are searching the web to not only research purchases but actually complete their purchases online. In fact according to emarketer almost 90% of the US population will be making purchases via the web in 2015.  At iKizmet we can help identify key demographics coming to your website by gender, age group, and even types of devices.  Our goal is to simplify powerful Free tools like Google Analytics so you can finally connect data to your intuition.